Logan F300-1 Studio Joiner

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Product Features / Highlights:
- easy frame joining
- magnetic nail holder
- steel post sleeves prevent flexing
- 2 adjustable height levelers for long mouldings
- anti-slip pad protects moulding face

Product Description:
All purpose picture framing joiner designed for light duty framing. Not as fast as the Pro Joiner, but produces perfect joined corners just the same. Drives single v-nail, one at a time, into hard and soft woods. Features a magnetic tip driving mechanism that holds single v-nails to be driven into the moulding joints. Economical and extremely practical, the Logan Studio Joiner joins wood frames simply and accurately.
Features include:
- magnetic nail holder
- quick depth setting adjustment
- drives all V-nail sizes
- includes support spacer for irregular shape profiles
- use on hard or soft woods
- includes quick-adjust corner clamp
- use on mouldings up to 2.5″ (6.3cm) wide
- reinforced baseboard
- steel post sleeves prevent flexing
- two adjustable height levelers for joining long mouldings
- anti-slip pad protects moulding face

- Joiner
- Clamp
- Spacer
- Instructions
- Two levellers
- 200 V-Nails

- 8lbs / 3.6kg