Logan F400-1 Fitting Tool

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Product Features / Highlights:

- drive brads or point inserts
- no slipping or bending
- improved rubber foot
- innovative four position swivel point holder
Product Description:
The Logan Fitting Tool is the ideal tool to insert the four most popular types of inserts that finish framed art, this is the only hand tool which will help users insert Framers Points, Brads, Flexis and MultiPoints to hold backing boards in place. Logan’s unique swivel foot design drives single inserts including rigid points, flexible points, brad nails, and multi points for stretcher bar mounted artwork such as oil paintings. Each point is hand loaded one at a time and then driven choosing from four different insert types. Simple but clever design has a little magnetic turntable, patented, on the base with cut-outs for each of the four types of fixings. Choose one and lay a fixing on it. Position it over the moulding and onto the backing board. Use the trigger to squeeze in the fixing which sits perfectly flat. It’s seems like it might be a bit slow but it is much faster and neater than a hammer. Works with normal and harder woods.
Features include:
- drives 4 different inserts
- no slipping or bending
- easy adjust foot
- use on hard or soft woods
- rotating insert holder
- proper drive angle assured
- no guessing or skill required
- improved rubber foot and redesigned swivel point holder increases product durability
- works with Logan’s F9, F10 and F11 points

- Fitting Tool
- 50 Flexible Inserts
- Instructions

- 11 oz / 0.3kg
- approx. 285mm x 96mm