Wood screws 13mm x 3mm / 1/2" x No.4 Pan head Pozi Steel Brass plated

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- Wood screws ideal for all types of Picture Framing & DIY Applications
- Pozi Pan Head Screws - Hardened & Brass Plated
- '4' Gauge screws - metric equivalent approx. 3.0mm

12mm x 3mm / 1/2" x No.4:
- Total length approx. 14mm
- Thread length approx. 12.5mm
- Thread diameter approx. 3mm
- Head Diameter approx. 5.3mm

Please Note:
Pozi Head - For use with driver bit size No.1
(not suitable for phillips, this will simply round off the head)

More info:

Screw shank diameters:
No.1 = 2.0mm No.2 = 2.2mm No.4 = 2.9mm No.6 = 3.5mm No.8 = 4.2mm

Choose your screwdriver carefully:
You should select the correct cross head screwdriver. Our unique ‘1 Fits 6’ screwdriver, by King Dick fits nearly all Pozi No.1, No.2 & No.3 and Phillips No.1, No.2 & No.3 screw heads.