CWH5 Micro Sawtooth Angled Square Picture Frame Canvas Hangers - Optional Screws

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CWH5 Micro Sawtooth Angled Square Hangers

The unique feature of the CWH5 is that the micro-sawtooth top edge is slightly angled.

Lifting or nudging the frame a little bit side-to-side levels it, and it stays level. The micro sawtooth allows very fine adjustments of level.

When screwed to the frame in pairs (they are not handed) CWH5 hangers sit on most hooks, screws and pins as well as V Hooks for pictures. 2 hangers per frame.

Use 3.0mm or 3.5mm dia screws to fix to the frame moulding (optional screws available, these may differ from those pictured). Pressed-in dots help when measuring the spacing between the hangers for placing the hooks on the wall.

Based on our experience and judgement, but not tested, the safe load is 4kg.

outer size - 50x46mm

Optional Screws (2 x Screws for each hanger):

4x13mm / 1/2":
• Total length approx. 14mm
• Thread length approx. 12.5mm
• Thread diameter approx. 3mm (4 Gauge)
• Head Diameter approx. 4.5mm

Please Note:
Pozi Head - For use with driver bit size No.1
(not suitable for phillips, this will simply round off the head)