304m / 1000ft No.7 Picture Hanging Wire Silver 1.27mm 45kg

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304m Multi-strand steel wire, plated, and with a clear plastic coating. Semi-stiff to be used with ferrules. Cannot easily be twisted or tied.

- No.7 / 1.27mm / 45kg
- 304m / 1000ft

- Max. picture weight: 20kg
- Stanless steel, clear nylon coated


Plastic covered semi-stiff wire, with neat crimp ferrules. Adds a quality finish to your framing.

Pass wire through and back through the ferrule and crimp tight. It will be more secure if you lay one wire at an angle over another.

Picture weight should be no more than half of figure shown.

Typical fits:

The i/d (inside diameter) of the ferrule should be approximately 2.5 times the o/d (outside diameter) of the wire.

For example:
0.58mm o/d wire to fit a 1.57mm i/d ferrule
0.86mm o/d wire to fit a 2.13mm i/d ferrule
1.00mm o/d wire to fit a 2.46mm i/d ferrule
1.28mm o/d wire to fit a 3.20mm i/d ferrule