Inmes Type UNI V-Nails (Wedges) 12mm Hardwood 2000 pieces

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10.3mm wide to fit many popular underpinners including Cassese. 144 V-nails app. in each bonded stick.

UNI Harder wood with a red stripe. 12mm, box of 2000

INMES UNI V-Nail Applications:
- Cassese (bonded)
- Euro
- Framers Corner
- Gielle
- Inmes (bonded)
- Molgra
- Orteguil
- Simons 495
- Strappit

Inmes Quality V-Nails
Inmes are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high quality picture framing equipment, v-nails and flexis. Their v-nails have been in production for over 26 years and are used regularly by framers everywhere.
They are manufactured from low-carbon steel with high tension resistance. Strict quality control procedures ensure all v-nails meet exacting tolerances. Batch codes provide full traceability. All Inmes v-nails are precision sharpened for smooth and straight penetration of the moulding.

Normal or Harder wood v-nails?
V-nails for normal wood are sharpened on the inside edge only. V-nails for harder wood are sharpened on both edges to counter the resistance of such woods.