25/38/50mm Pack of PH7-70 Conservation Self Adhesive Hinging Tape 66m

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1 pack contains one roll of each size:
25mm x 66m (1" x 72 yards)
38mm x 66m (1.5" x 72 yards)
50mm x 66m (2" x 72 yards)

High quality white 70gsm kraft paper tape with acid-free pH neutral acrylic adhesive. PH7-70 tape has excellent ageing qualities.

High initial grab, which is helpful for art on heavier paper, and for working with textured or uneven paper and board surfaces. Self-wound, with no liner to remove, making for faster working.

PH7-70 is ideal for hinging low value prints and artwork into mounts. It can also be used for covering bevels.

Adhesive is reversible with Zest-It citrus solvent - tease up a corner and apply with a brush a little at a time.

A multiple-purpose adhesive tape which uses include: Hinging art, hinging mounts, lining frame rebates and frame sealing.

When hinging art, always hinge from the back of the art, only 25mm wide x 5mm deep of the tape should be on the artwork.

Always place the tape at least 40mm or more away from the image. Do not use on high value or irreplaceable art.