Inmes 15mm Black Flexi Points Tabs Standard 0.40mm for F1-150M FP-150 driver etc

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Inmes Standard type Flexipoints

Fit Inmes FI-150M, Omer 53.4, Meite, Framers Corner, Tabmaster, Flex 0.4, T-220 and most hand and air drivers which take 15mm x 4.5mm flexis. Suitable also to use with the Logan Fitting Tool.

Flexipoints are fired into the back of a frame against the backing board. They hold the glass, backing and artwork sandwich in place. They can be bent back to allow the frame backing to be removed.

Full box quantity is 5,000 points, in bonded strips, each 60mm long, 30 in total. Each strip has approx. 166 flexis.

Made in Brazil

Take care when loading flexipoints into your driver:

Carefully lift a bonded stick and place it in the feed channel of your driver. The pressing process during manufacture makes each one very, very, slightly rounded one way at the edges. If you find that they jam in your driver, try re-inserting them the other way round.