Adhesive Lines Clear 25x4mm 100 Pcs

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• 100 Pcs clear lines
•  25 x 4mm
• Permanent double-sided self-adhesive
• Great for embellishments
• Multiple surfaces such as paper, fabric, plastic, wood, glass, foam, and metal
• Strong and flexible bond on most surfaces
• Touch-free application
• Immediate bond
• No drying time needed
• Easy to use

• Archival safe

Clear lines of adhesive glue with a strong, permanent and flexible bond that makes them perfect for use on multiple surfaces such as paper, fabric, plastic, wood, glass, foam, and metal.

Enjoy easy, touch-free application from our unique patented single line dispenser box, which doubles as storage. Feed Adhesive Lines from the box one at a time, touch the Adhesive Line to your project, and then easily remove the liner when you are ready to adhere.

Use Adhesive Lines to attach paper, ribbon, and other embellishments for fast and easy crafting on almost any surface.

Wear Your Adhesive on the Outside and create your own embellishments by adding Foils, glitter, embossing powder, or pigment powder to the adhesive surface.