3L E Z Runner Grand Refill Cassette Permanent Dots 42m Blue

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Refill only - Dispenser not included.

It can be tiresome and frustrating to re-load a normal ATG applicator. This clever new concept has the tape in a quick-change recyclable casette. This clips into the handle and requires no threading - so it’s ready to go.

The E-Z ATG tape itself is 8mm wide and is unique in having tiny cuts across it every few mm. So rather than squeezing a trigger and tearing the adhesive, you just lift it and it cleanly pulls away.

Applicator (available separately) comes with one refill cassette. Each cassette has 42m / 140 ft of tape. Tape is 8mm wide, clear and permanent.

• 42m / 140'
• 8 mm wide
• Clear Double-Sided Permanent Adhesive Dots
• No drying time, non-stringy
• Easy to refill drop-in cartridge for the Double-Sided Tape Dispenser
• Strong and lasting bond, initially removable with the swipe of a finger
• Creates a permanent bond within a few minutes 
• Easy to apply in long short or long lines, curves and circles
• For paper, photos, documents, crafts and embellishments
• Dispenses fast and smooth
• Clear, unbreakable PET liner
• Acid Free, Archival Safe

A drop-in refill Cartridge for the Grand Dispenser. Drop-in cartridges make refilling fast and easy. Refill cartridges can be switched mid-use, with no winding or threading. Use any Grand Refill in the Grand Dispenser.

Economically priced refills make the Grand Dispenser suitable for all home, hobby, school and office projects.

All Adhesive Refills feature an unbreakable PET liner for consistent, fast and smooth adhesive application.

Dispensers and Refills are recyclable.