3L Archival Self Adhesive Mounting Corners Maxi View 32mm 250 pieces

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Self-adhesive corner pockets, made from archival quality clear polypropylene.

High-strength long-life adhesive holds the corner to the backing board. Print or photo is slipped into the pockets and held in place, with no adhesive touching it.

Maxi view cut-away style means that a minimum area of the art is covered.

• 250 Pcs

• 32mm
• Clear, Permanent Self-Adhesive Mounting Corners
• Maxi View
• Acid Free, Archival Safe

Our clear, self-adhesive Mounting Corners are Maxi View design, with perforations at the center. When removed, the corner disappears behind a mat. Intended for items up to 28 x 35,5cm, use for framing on posters, photos, artwork, diplomas, documents, certificates and even scrapbooks and crafts. Mounting Corners are perfect for photographers, libraries, museums and other archival use.

Transparent polypropylene is acid free, non-yellowing, and meets archival and conservation requirements and preservation standards. It is PAT (Photo Activity Test) tested. The acrylic based permanent adhesive is pressure sensitive, never comes in contact with the artwork, and will not bleed or crawl.

Simply remove from the liner paper, position onto corner of art, and press onto the backing media. Remove perforated center of Maxi View Mounting Corner to for unobstructed view of artwork in matted applications.